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ABARTH 850 TC & 1000

Manufacturer: Giorgio Nada Editore
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The epic deeds of the unforgettable 850 TC and 1000, which were capable of incredible performance for cars derived from mass produced vehicles, is recounted in the book. Together with the innumerable victories achieved by the cars throughout the world in the Turismo, Turismo Speciale and Preparato categories, the 850 TC and 1000 Abarth left a deep impression on the car market of the period. A fascinating story that diluents in time today, but which is still alive and evocative of a period in which people went to the racetrack on Sunday to play out the role of protagonist in first person.

Products specifications
Author Elvio Deganello
Author Renato Donati
Publishing Date Ristampa 2009
Text Italian
Binding Softbound
Pages 216
Photos oltre 200 B/N & COL
Size cm. 24x27

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