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ABARTH: L’UOMO E LE MACCHINE Ed. rilegata/Hardbound ed.

The vivid personality, great intelligence and strong determination of Carlo Abarth are revealed through the pages of his large biography. His personal...
Manufacturer: Giorgio Nada Editore
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The vivid personality, great intelligence and strong determination of Carlo Abarth are revealed through the pages of his large biography. His personal life, his early motorcycling projects and races. The Cisitalia period and its unfortunate decline. The long and successful new adventure in car-tuning which made Abarth and his cars reknown all over the world. The book also contains technical data for each model produced, supported by company’s chassis drawings and engines cutaways. Exhaustive and accurate listing of competitions which saw Abarth cars dominating the racing fields year by year. The book is richly illustrated by appealing and never published before photos, many of them belonging to the personal Abarth photo archive.

Products specifications
Binding Hardbound
Pages 520
Size cm. 24x27
Colour Pictures 80
B/W Pictures 600
Publishing Date 2002
Text Italian
Author Greggio Luciano
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This is a unique book of its kind, useful to all Lambretta owners and riders who mean to understand the evolution of the famous Innocenti scooter down to the smallest detail. After having digested all the technical information supplied by the concessionaires of the period, and having created thousands of illustrations showing all the versions produced by the Lambrate manufacturer between 1947 and 1971 piece by piece, the author has brought to life a guide that shows even the smallest modification carried out over the years on the various models that have appeared in the marketplace. Due to those illustrations, it is possible to see when a particular modification was introduced during the production cycle of an individual model. The book is also enriched by dozens of original documents of the period published in colour, production graphs and, no less important, all the official technical specifications of the Traffic Control Authority for the registration of Lambretta vehicles.
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This book brings to light with courage and richness of details, public and private plots unknown to the public and often hidden with the complicity of mass media: immense properties accumulated abroad and subtracted to the tax office, Chinese boxes and shadow societies, dramas, suspicions and proceedings that marked the Agnelli family.

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