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About Us

Libreria dell'Automobile was founded more than 40 years ago with the aim of selling books, in various languages, about historical and modern cars and motorcycles to two and four-wheels motoring enthusiasts.
Giorgio Nada, creator of the initiative and an aficionado of the sector himself, also became a publisher in 1977, when he brought out his first book, focusing on Guzzi motorcycles, under the imprint "Edizioni della Libreria dell'Automobile". That was the beginning of a fascinating new activity, which was subsequently consolidated by the publication of over 300 titles.

In 1987 Nada felt the need to separate the bookstore activity from the publishing business and founded Giorgio Nada Editore, which has continued to grow ever since. Always determined to make a qualified cultural contribution to specific information, historical research, and the updating of motoring technology, the publishing house is the leader in its field in Italy today and is one of the most important on the international scene.

Giorgio Nada Editore