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On behalf of the Italian Defense Ministry, Alfa Romeo produced in 1951 a utility van, designed by Giuseppe Busso and based on the Alfa 1900. The vehi...
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On behalf of the Italian Defense Ministry, Alfa Romeo produced in 1951 a utility van, designed by Giuseppe Busso and based on the Alfa 1900. The vehicle was offered in two different versions: the "Military" AR 51 and the "Civilian" AR 52, but the model was nicknamed Alfa “Matta” (“krazy” in Italian). The book offers a wide range of informations - technical datas and the sporting history of some units (the car also took part to the 1952 Mille Miglia) - as well as a large amount of illustrations which will be absolutely useful for restoring vintage models.

Products specifications
Binding Softbound
Pages 84
Size cm. 24x27
Colour Pictures 19
B/W Pictures 105
Publishing Date 2003
Text Italian
Author Checchinato Enrico
Author Melotti Franco
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A series of books about the cars that created motoring history had to include one entirely devoted to the Fiat Campagnola a vehicle which, together with the Alfa Romeo Matta, was the Italian market’s concrete response to the legendary Jeep. Introduced at the Fiera del Levante in Bari in 1951, the Campagnola immediately attracted attention for its extreme versatility, which made it a vehicle suitable for a multiplicity of uses. It could be driven over all kinds of road and track surfaces and even crossed the entire African continent in 1951, from Cape Town in South Africa to Algiers. The New Campagnola appeared in 1974 and repeated the success of its predecessor. This book is the first to tell the industrial, technical and commercial story of these historic models, which appeared in a myriad of different guises, and also contains valuable advice on the Campagnola’s restoration and maintenance.


Unlike the previous editions of the ’90s, this book concentrates on the Abarth 58 and 70 HP versions of the Autobianchi A112, the rarest of all and the most sought after by collectors. This is an across the board analysis of the car: it contains a general historic introduction on Autobianchi, Carlo Abarth and the A112 itself. They were the cars that began the decline of Abarth in 1971, and the book contains an analysis of the entire evolution of the seven series that succeeded them in the following 14 years of production. There is also a section devoted to documentation: the use and maintenance manuals, catalogues, leaflets, advertising and a segment giving advice on the Abarths’ identification, purchase, restoration and quotations. The book is completed by the car’s sports career in Italy and other countries, culminating in the eight Trofeo A112 Abarth 70HP events and closes with reference to today, including the vintage races and the various clubs devoted to this important car.
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A clear step-by-step illustrated workshop manual with precious instructions how to make the maintenance and repairing of your motorcycle.


The New Campagnola was the last true 4x4 vehicle produced by Fiat, before the SUV's era. Born above all for military purposes with the AR76 version, it has however had some success also as a car for civil and leisure use. This book tells the whole story, from birth to subsequent evolutions, accompanied by numerous images and accurate technical data sheets of each of the versions.

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