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One of the most prestigious Italian cars, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, is 50 years old. The first in the series appeared at a special preview in Valentin...
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One of the most prestigious Italian cars, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, is 50 years old. The first in the series appeared at a special preview in Valentino Park, Turin, during the spring of 1954, before being officially unveiled at the city’s motor show that same year. Angelo Tito Anselmi, one of the sector’s authoritative historians, devoted a book to the car that contained a wealth of photographs, designs and manufacturer’s official documents, a work that was completed with a list of all the Giulietta’s victories between 1955 and 1965, as well as the chassis numbers of each series. This book comprises fundamental reference material, which is indispensable to all Alfa enthusiasts, and now becomes available - on the occasion of its 50th Anniversary - in the English language edition.

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Binding Hardbound
Pages 192
Size cm. 21x31
Colour Pictures 31
B/W Pictures 302
Publishing Date Ristampa 2004
Text Italian
Author Anselmi Angelo Tito
Author Boscarelli Lorenzo
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The book offers Alfa Romeo enthusiasts a complete historical picture of this specific model, with production dates, chassis numbers of the various versions and a useful guide to the restoration of the body and mechanics of examples still in existence.
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Vittorio, Umberto, Giannino and Paolo Marzotto, four brothers belonging to a noble Italian family. All of them race enthusiasts; all of them being involved in the epic competitions of the Fourties and Fifties. They were protagonists at the Mille Miglia, at the Tour of Sicily, at the GP of Monaco, to tell some. This book gives the unique occasion to have the direct story of each of them, through fresh and vivid personal memories and a rich iconographic material.


It has been part of motoring history for more than 40 years, becoming an absolute icon for more than a generation. It is the 911, the Porsche par excellence, a car that has already entered the category of the classics of a distant 1963, when it appeared with the ‘pseudonym’ 901. To tell its story, model for model, its technical evolution from its origins to today are Joerg Austen, for many years the Porsche man in the gearbox development department, and writer Sigmund Walter, who has a profound knowledge of the celebrated German marque. For each of the versions that have appeared over the years, there is a brief introductive history to highly detailed technical specifications that contribute to making this work an instrument of indispensable consultation for collectors, restorers and enthusiastic ‘Porschisti’.
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Homologation specifications have always been used to give detailed descriptions of the series of modifications permitted by the C.S.A.I. (Italian Motor Sport Commission) of a car destined to compete in motor sport. Defined also as fiches, they also permit the authorities to verify the regularity of the car with the greatest possible precision. Such precious documents are of particular value after so many years have passed in the conservation and restoration of any vintage car, those being the elements that must be used for the preservation of a historic vehicle. This small volume contains the anastatic reproduction of the homologation specifications of the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA, GTA 1300 Junior and GT AM. To make it all the more valuable, this publication contains the official documentation with all the technical characteristics and the levels of control relative to the corresponding production models. This publication, produced as a limited edition, is available only from the chain of specialised book shops and completes the volume written by Maurizio Tabucchi entitled “Alfa Romeo GTA Leggera e Vincente” published by the same company.

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