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ALI/WINGS. Progettazione e applicazione su auto da corsa

After the wing plane revolution on racing cars that began in 1966 (1968 in Formula 1) and the appearance of ground effect in 1977, aerodynamics took o...
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After the wing plane revolution on racing cars that began in 1966 (1968 in Formula 1) and the appearance of ground effect in 1977, aerodynamics took on a front line role on the track with winged cars, switching from traditional studies of resistance to advancement to the exploitation of negative lift in order to increase speed through the corners.
In this new edition of the first book to appear on the subject in 1991 by Enrico Benzing, one of the best known engineers in the world of Formula 1, this complex subject is explained with completeness and simplicity of expression, so that it can be read and understood by everyone. The motor racing wing is at the centre of the story, while the picture is completed by the entire aerodynamic behaviour of the racing car, especially the single seater, touching on particular aspects such as the Magnus effect, ground effect, calculation of power resistance and matters related to the wind tunnel.
Compared to the first edition, this second volume is completed by a specific chapter on CFD (fluid dynamics computation).
Hundreds of illustrations enhance this work, which is an indispensible starting point for people who want to know all about this complex but fascinating subject.

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Binding Softbound
Pages 284
Size cm. 24x27
Photos numerosi disegni tecnici e illustrazioni
Colour Pictures 35
B/W Pictures 12
Publishing Date 2012
Text Italian
Text English
Author Benzing Enrico
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It is a manuscript, with original drawings by Gianfranco Bossù. The text of this book recounts in detail the technical history of a project born from the fervent and not common will of a man: Carlo Abarth and other modest but ingenious men, who were able to develop an already impressive engine such as the FIAT 600 engine.


This book explores the world of motor racing, describing the characteristics and performance of racing cars and comparing their possible architectures. As well as the art of design, the volume examines the competitions and specific subjects such as the analysis of performance, mass, aerodynamics, tyres, handling, the engine, reliability and durability. Particular attention is paid to materials and the development of the project, elements to which two specific chapters are devoted. The book, which contains a wealth of graphics and technical designs, is not aimed solely at experts; it also reaches out to readers who wish to expand their knowledge of these technical and research areas that are so complex but fascinating.
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