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Alonso. An astro, an excellence, which unfortunately cannot shake off the shadow of the eternal unfinished. An undisputed talent that carries the heavy weight of too many common places on his shoulders. Personality difficult to manage, driver unable to team, controversial man who creates discord. Instead Fernando is much more. It is flame and passion, dedication and reason. It is the poignant parable of those who live in the grip of the demon of the challenge, of the never satiated hero who fights fate, always ready to get up and reinvent himself to chase new opportunities. It is the story of those who come from nowhere and risk everything, of those who know how to take different paths, in spite of the main one that remains barred from fate. He is a character condemned to perpetual confinement, who suffers an excessive dose of authenticity. Ironic and laconic, presumptuous and proud. Uncomfortable as all those who dare, who do not dose the words in favor of the people. So Fernando Alonso chooses to limestone every stage, from Formula One to Indianapolis, from Le Mans to the Dakar; in pursuit of a Triple Crown that will still be less precious than what he has been able to transmit to us so far: pure emotion.

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Author Vesco Veronica
Publishing Date 2020
Text Italian
Binding Softbound
Pages 138
B/W Pictures 20
Size cm. 17x24
ISBN 9788898876754
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