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This luxury and racing car brand was created in 1913 by Robert Bamfort and Lionel Martin. The latter won the Aston Clinton race that same year. Thus was born the mythical name Aston Martin in memory of the name of the race associated with that of the winner.

The history of the English brand is full of twists, but the brand has always put quality and sportiness above all else. Upon the arrival of David Broom in 1947, Aston Martin entered the pantheon of exceptional cars thanks to the famous and long-running DB series. 

Through more than 300 photos and drawings, discover the adventure of the emblematic English brand thanks to an exhaustive technical and historical catalog where all the models are represented, supplemented by numerous suggestions that allow you to differentiate the following versions.

Products specifications
Author Bordes Didier
Publishing Date 2020
Text French
Binding Hardbound
Pages 160
Photos 300 COL e B/N
Size cm. 24x29
ISBN 9791028304669

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