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AUTOMOBILI DEL MARE/RACING CARS OF THE SEAS. Cantiere navale San Marco 1953-1975

Between 1954 to 1975, the Milan-based San Marco boatyard wrote some of the most interesting pages in the post-war history of powerboating. San Marco...
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Between 1954 to 1975, the Milan-based San Marco boatyard wrote some of the most interesting pages in the post-war history of powerboating. San Marco is the only yard that has extensively used Italian car engines for both its racing and production boats, including those of Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Fiat and Abarth.The yard produced such models as the 600 Del Mare, Giulietta del Mare, Appia; all of them fast and prestigious wooden runabouts of elegant lines and refined details. Like a fashion designer or a famous Italian coachbuilder, for over 20 years Oscar Scarpa, founder of the yard, promoted a tradition of excellence, building with his son Sandro around 600 exclusive boats, each with unique specifications, either technical or aesthetic and beautifully finished. The San Marco boatyard has also enjoyed a successful racing career, with more than 30 world speed records and hundreds of victories to its credit at the highest competitive level, often with Oscar Scarpa in the driver’s seat. The book is a tribute to the San Marco boatyard’s unique contribution to the world of speed boats and cars and reviews its full history. The work is illustrated with a remarkable collection of hundreds of unpublished archival documents and photographs as well as detailed information, such as its extensive production and racing records.

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Publishing Date 2016
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Author Guetat Gerald
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This book covers the history of the Bianchina from its origins to today. The first part is devoted to the birth of the Autobianchi factory and the developments that led to the production of the 110 B model in 1957. The technical characteristics, differences between the various series, the chassis and engine numbers, the colours and upholstery of all of them (transformable, cabriolet, saloon, panoramic, van and estate car) are described year by year. Illustrative material and original brochures of the period are called on to bring to life the various aesthetic and mechanical details. The second part is entirely devoted to restoration, spotlighting the various stages of reconditioning with invaluable advice and descriptive photographs of individual details, from the carcass to the finished vehicle. The third part offers collection aspects and customs linked to the model with archive pictures of the principal events, the special versions, accessories, publicity exploitation and the clubs devoted to the car from Desio which still attracts thousands of enthusiasts even today.
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FIAT 1800 2100 2300

The Fiat 1800 and 2100 (and later the 2300) represent the flagship models the Turin-based firm offered in the mid-Sixties to a clientele looking for a large, elegant, robust and reliable car at a price undercutting the contemporary Lancias and Alfa Romeos. Along with the classic saloon versions, a modern station-wagon and a ceremonial long-wheelbase variant were also offered. They were all powered by a refined straight-six. The range was extended in 1961 with the splendid and powerful 2300 S Coupé bodied by Ghia, one of the most successful and attractive Fiat sports cars, while the following year it was the turn of the more economical four-cylinder 1500 L. This book tells the story of the birth and development of this significant family of Fiat cars, presenting the technical issues and historical details of the various versions produced. Equipped with detailed technical files and illustrated with numerous contemporary images, the book also provides a very useful guide to restoration and invaluable maintenance tips.
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At the end of the ’60s, Alfa Romeo began to write a new chapter in its history by entering the market with a medium-low class car that was true to the company’s sporting vocation and with a form of technology only experimented with in timid fashion ...
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The Lancia Beta was inaugurated in 1972 with the launch of the saloon. The range was expanded three years later by the addition of the “Beta Montecarlo”, a model that soon became part of the Italian motoring history. Introduced at the 1975 Turin Motor Show, the new coupé immediately attracted public interest and admiration for its authentic sporting character, confirmed by its assertive and fascinating body, designed by Pininfarina, and in its two-litre, 118 hp engine. It was no coincidence that the newborn enjoyed a busy racing career: the Group 5 turbo version even enabled Lancia to beat Porsche and win the World Championship for Makes in both 1980 and 1981. This book is entirely devoted to the history of the Beta Montecarlo, covering the technical and stylistic evolution of the various series and, naturally, the coupé’s successful motor racing life – a book that just had to become one of the series focusing on cars that have made history.

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