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Alverà Diego

Writer and storytteller, Diego Alverà is a man who, “works with words, sounds, images” – just to quote a sentence from his own blog – and who tells “stories, large and small, of icons of music and sport as well as of minor and unknown characters, snatching them from the dust of the past to return them to the present ” using” not only the traditional channels of print media but also those of podcast and live storytelling, creating elaborate and immersive live narratives “. Among the great characters told by Alverà there are sportsmen of the caliber of Ayrton Senna, Gilles Villeneuve, mountaineers like Bonatti or Messner, musicians like Lester Young or John Coltrane.
For Giorgio Nada Editore he published the novels: ‘Ronnie Peterson. Quell’ultimo rettilineo’ (2019), ‘Ayrton Senna. Il predestinato’ (2020) and “Gilles Villeneuve. Oltre il limite” (2022), all in the Storytellers series.

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