The author

Diamond Liam

Growing up in the 1960’s Liam Diamond’s father sometimes would talk about the great Irish heroes from down the ages.

One of these names was Charles Franklin and his exploits at the Isle of Man TT races. When Liam went to a new school in 1969 there was only one book in the library on motorcycles. The centre pages which were in colour featured a 1930 Indian Scout 101, and down at the bottom of the page was written ‘Designed by Irishman Charles Bayly Franklin’. This was the first time Liam had viewed a 101 and he thought it the most beautiful machine he’d ever seen! Liam realised this man Franklin must have been an exceptional individual, and decided to find out as much as he could about him. Since this book was completed Liam came to own a 101 Scout of his own. It’s now been sold because he’s eyeing up a post-war Chief, which proves that once you own a 1901-1953 Indian you can’t get any better; only bigger!.

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