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Hogan Paul

Paul Hogan has been an avid TR owner and enthusiast for over 40 years, buying his first TR, a TR5 in 1975.

Since then he has owned virtually every example of the marque, the exceptions being the TR3 and the TR8. As a member and former Chairman of the TR Register, he has always sought to raise the profile of the TR series of sports cars through active participation in a variety of events, be it hillclimbs, touring or racing. He currently owns a special bodied TR4, a GTR4A Dove, and a TR3S which has competed with some success at Le Mans Legends and Classic Le Mans races. He first started competing at the age of 19 after borrowing his mother’s Triumph Toledo without her knowledge to enter a hillclimb. Unfortunately for him a photographer was present, and when his photo appeared in the local paper he had some serious explaining to do! While serving his apprenticeship with Jaguars and Healeys he stripped his own car down to the last nut and bolt, and rebuilt it from the ground up. The fact that this car is still in excellent condition is testament to the care he lavished on it at the time.

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