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Larsen Peter M.

Born in 1954, Peter Larsen has been a chronic gearhead all his life. Together with Ben Erickson, he is the author of Talbot-Lago Grand Sport: The Car from Paris and Jacques Saoutchik, Maître Carrossier. He is currently working on Joseph Figoni, Le Grand Couturier de la Carrosserie Automobile. Peter Larsen has a wide taste in cars, having owned a Bizzarrini, Facel-Vega, Duesenberg Model J and a number of Maseratis, including two Ghiblis and a 5000GT. However, his enduring fascination has been with French cars in general and Talbot-Lago in particular, including ownership of two T26 Grand Sports. Another great interest is coachwork and coachbuilding. The great French carrossiers are an unending source of fascinating shapes to study. Peter Larsen has worked for many years in the entertainment industry. He is now involved in linguistic work and serves as a Pebble Beach class judge. He also judges at the concours d’elegance at Chantilly outside Paris and at Schloss Dyck in Germany. Peter Larsen lives in Copenhagen and Bangkok and has just completed the restoration of a 1971 Stutz split-window coupé by Carrozzeria Padane in Modena.

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