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Mapelli Enrico

A scholar of the history of Motorsport, with particular reference to the events of the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, he has been collaborating for several decades with local and sector publications. He has edited the corner of book culture in some television broadcasts, and has been a speaker of historical competitions for over a decade. He has published some volumes including Monza Duemiladieci, gli Annuari di F. Junior e Un Rally a Monza, the only book that traces the history of the Monza race. For Giorgio Nada Editore he wrote I dati della Formula Uno (2000), Ferrari Mondiali (2008), Formula 1 & Monza. Immagini di una corsa (2016), Alfa Romeo & Formula 1 (2018) e Formula 1 70 (2020). For Sias, the body that manages the Monza racetrack, in 2019 he wrote the book celebrating the Italian Grand Prix on the occasion of the ninetieth edition of the race.

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