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op de Weegh Arnoud

From when Ard was a little kid he was already addicted to cars.

From his first years on he already went to showrooms and car events with his father to see the most beautiful cars ever built. The mixture of gasoline and oil was one of the things which Ard made so addicted. When he went older the love for the automobile grows and grows. In 2008 he wrote his first Automotive book together with his son Arnoud. Arnoud is also a real passionate car lover. He has especially a big heart for Pre-war cars. Arnoud was also from his first years on a real classic car lover and he still is. Father and son are travelling around Europe for years to see the most beautiful cars and barn finds. They have discovered already some real extraordinary barn finds. They like to share these discoveries with other car fanatics in (Inter)National Magazines. In 2009 Ard & Arnoud have been asked to write a book about the fabulous Schlumpf collection and the affaire behind it. In first instance they refused this, because the fact that there were already so much books written about this collection. But they started to investigate on the affaire. When the years go by, Ard & Arnoud found out that the Schlumpf affaire (1977) was different than always written.

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