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Ayrton Senna is still the best loved of Formula 1 champions. Now that 20 years have passed since his tragic fatal accident at Imola on 1 May 1994, it ...
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Ayrton Senna is still the best loved of Formula 1 champions. Now that 20 years have passed since his tragic fatal accident at Imola on 1 May 1994, it is time to rediscover who and what Ayrton really was. An emotional yet rigorous journey that takes place along the two lines of visual testimony and in-depth intimacy. The stars of this book are the photographs: hundreds of shots and all of them in colour, which will ensure the reader relives the unrepeatable career of this great champion, from his humble beginnings in karts to his lightening experiences in lesser formulae in Britain, through to his rapid move to Formula 1. First with Toleman, then Lotus, with whom he won his first Grand Prix. But the definitive consecration of Ayrton took place at McLaren, where he won three F1 World Championships between 1988 and 1993 but, more than anything else, pulled off a series of ventures that are the stuff of legends.all bound together with new revelations, anecdotes, confidences and stories of a life that was lived, the gift of those who knew him well. To make the heart beat a little faster within those who have not forgotten and to have a vibrant and different account of the man, a new view to bring back the brilliance of an old sentiment, able to chrystallise itself in the pictures and between the lines of this book.

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Binding Hardbound
Pages 208
Size cm. 29x31
Colour Pictures 318
B/W Pictures 3
Publishing Date 2014
Text Italian
Text English
Author Donnini Mario
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SENNA & IMOLA Una storia nella storia/A story within a story

The first title in a series born of collaboration between Giorgio Nada Editore and the Imola Autodrome, which will see a series of books appear over time, devoted to the Italian track. This bi-lingual book has as the object the story of Ayrton at Imola, a circuit at which the Brazilian competed from 1984 to 1994, winning on three occasions and starting from pole eight times. To bring to life a work that really is new, the author has interviewed a racing driver, a journalist or a well-known personality covering each year in which Ayrton competed in the Imola GP from 1984 to 1994, people who knew Senna in a specific year’s race. In order of appearance in the book, those who talk about Ayrton are:

  • 1984 – Johnny Cecotto, his teammate at Toleman

  • 1985 – Angelo Parrilla, owner of the DAP kart company, the first with which Ayrton raced

  • 1986 – Gian Carlo Minardi, the Formula 1 team manager
1987 – Alberto Sabbatini, the current editor of Autosprint

  • 1988 – Pino Allievi – journalist and long-standing writer for Italian daily La Gazzetta dello Sport
1989 – Cesare Maria Mannucci, the widely experienced motor sport journalist

  • 1990 – Pierluigi Martini, racing driver

  • 1991 – Carlo Cavicchi, ex-editor of Autosprint
1992 – Giorgio Serra alias “Matitaccia”, the illustrator

  • – Alessandro Zanardi, racing driver
1994 – Mario Poltronieri, the historic voice of Formula 1 for Italian broadcaster RAI.

    The volume closes with a section on the three days there from 1-3 May 2014 that took place to mark the 20th anniversary of Ayrton’s death, commemorated on the Imola track.
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    VITE DI CORSA Incontri in pista con piloti, manager, astronauti, cantanti, gente strana - COPIA FIRMATA DALL’AUTORE! / SIGNED COPY BY THE AUTHOR!

    Why Vite di corsa (racing lives)? Because this book is not a novel but a rather serious narrative of meetings, many of them taking place within or through the motor racing environment, where the stars are “transient” as they speed across the most diverse of years. Captains of industry, racing drivers, managers, designers, musicians, even an astronaut and a footballer are among the most famous people the author has met during F1 Grand Prix days. He has delved deeply into a number of such people, others less so, but he has always received a powerful impact that has generated highly personal sensations and considerations. So here is a wide-ranging selection of great names seen up close, as rarely happens, with all their strength, charisma and weaknesses. A picture of a special world, exclusive, sometimes able to transmit unexpected sentiments. The people the author has selected as the stars of this book are: Gianni Agnelli, Giovannino Agnelli, Jean Alesi, Mario Andretti, Flavio Briatore, Mario e Vittorio Cecchi Gori, Pete Conrad, Gian Paolo Dallara, Bernie Ecclestone, Enzo Ferrari, Mauro Forghieri, Lewis Hamilton, George Harrison, James Hunt, Niki Lauda, Joe Macaluso, Diego Armando Maradona, Sergio Marchionne, Carlos Menem, Sandro Munari, Alessandro Onassis, Clay Regazzoni, Cesare Romiti, Ayrton Senna, Sebastian Vettel, Gilles Villeneuve and Jacques Villeneuve

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