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“A simple but fascinating story”. That is how Enzo Ferrari wrote of the Prancing Horse, the emblem of his cars, both racers and Grand Tourers. A story...
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“A simple but fascinating story”. That is how Enzo Ferrari wrote of the Prancing Horse, the emblem of his cars, both racers and Grand Tourers. A story that became a legend is hidden behind the black horse painted on the fuselages of the fighters flown by the greatest aviator of his time, Francesco Baracca (1888-1918), who was shot down in his Spad over Montello after having destroyed 34 enemy planes. The 10th title in the successful “Racing Lives” series covers the brief, intense and adventurous existence of a protagonist of Italian aviation history through pages of highly evocative text, illustrated with rare photographs of the period, documents and memorabilia.

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ISBN 978887911443/
Binding Hardbound
Pages 152
Size cm. 25x25
Photos 175 foto COL e B/N
Publishing Date 2008
Text Italian
Author De Agostini Cesare
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Vittorio, Umberto, Giannino and Paolo Marzotto, four brothers belonging to a noble Italian family. All of them race enthusiasts; all of them being involved in the epic competitions of the Fourties and Fifties. They were protagonists at the Mille Miglia, at the Tour of Sicily, at the GP of Monaco, to tell some. This book gives the unique occasion to have the direct story of each of them, through fresh and vivid personal memories and a rich iconographic material.


Clay Regazzoni, a champion of motor racing and popularity, a winner of the Grands Prix, in which he was a star for seven years driving a Ferrari, but also a man who, on 30 March 1980, lost the use of his legs in a crippling accident at Long Beach. The book covers once more the story of an extraordinary life lived for almost 20 years in the driving seats of 300 kph racing cars and for 26 years in a wheelchair. But even in that situation he competed in cars with special hand controls and so Clay continued to be a protagonist of world motor sport: he was equally at home in short circuit races, vintage car events and event marathons like the Paris-Dakar. Now, his adventurous life is retold with an intensity of emphasis by Cesare De Agostini, author of this 13th title in the “Racings Lives” series, with the book project and management, as usual, by Gianni Cancellieri, integrated with extensive appendices and illustrated with over 300 pictures, many of them rare or previously unpublished.
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Nella già straordinaria carriera di Tazio Nuvolari, il Mantovano Volante, il Gran Premio di Germania, sulla terribile pista del Nürburgring, nell’estate del 1935, resta certamente una delle pagine più esaltanti. Solo al volante della sua Alfa Romeo Tipo B, contro le “armate tedesche” di Mercedes-Benz e Auto Union, il piccolo grande uomo non conobbe avversari. Il libro è il racconto romanzato di quell’indimenticabile giorno.


Even today, to many people the Alfa Romeo Giulia is synonymous with Alfa itself. It was certainly a legendary car and a fundamental one to the brand. It first appeared as the heir to the apparently irreplaceable Giulietta, but it was able to repeat its predecessor’s success, turning the motoring world into turmoil. From comments in the press on the eve of the new car’s presentation in 1962, the word that recurred more than any other was “originality”: a new design that was at first controversial and later loved unreservedly, new technological developments and higher performance. And the Arese factory at which it was built was also new. The Giulia dominated the market until 1977, but even after that it never left the hearts of enthusiasts. The car’s history, the versions, its motor sport career and pictures of an epoch are all between the covers of this book. As is a “small guide” for those who acquire now or are “returning” to this great Alfa Romeo.

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