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Founded by Jochen Neerpasch in 1972, BMW Motorsport has created a truly independent company, unmatched in the automotive industry.

The activity of BMW's sports division, initially confined to competition, also extended to the development and production of a new range of high-performance vehicles, the design of which is influenced by the many experiences on the track.

Recognizable by the stripes of the M label, these models transcend the sporty character and the technological image of some products in the Bavarian range to the point of becoming reference points in the eyes of enthusiasts. The BMW Motorsport sports division also excelled in all disciplines of motorsport.


Products specifications
Publishing Date 2020
Text French
Binding Hardbound
Pages 192
Colour Pictures 300
Size cm.24x29
Author Reisser Sylvain
ISBN 9791028304560

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