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This new book, the first in the CarCraft series delivers an innovative presentation to the car enthusiast by covering the engineering, design, and modelling of one of motoring's greatest cars across all its epochs.

Ettore Bugatti changed engineering history with his genius and innovations. With its clever engine design, new suspension thinking, and distinct body style, Bugatti's T35 and its variants defined a new era of design and driving and must surely rank as true 'supercars'. A motor sport legend was also cast down by these Bugattis.

Experienced automotive writer, industrial designer and Bugatti Owners Club member Lance Cole pays tribute to the car in a detailed yet engaging commentary. New photography, the design story, and full coverage of the modelling options in synthetic materials and die cast metals, create a narrative of vital interest.

Products specifications
Author Cole Lance
Publishing Date 2019
Text English
Binding Softbound
Pages 64
Photos 110 COL e B/N
Size cm.21x30
ISBN 9781526756763
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