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From the beginning of this century until the seventies Lancia designer closelymonitored chnges of technology from ‘3RO’ model to the “one-off” models,...
Manufacturer: Fondazione Negri
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From the beginning of this century until the seventies Lancia designer closelymonitored chnges of technology from ‘3RO’ model to the “one-off” models, limited series and variants introduced during production, even after the Second World War. Each model mentioned is supported by technical schedules. Specifications and production figures are taken from Lancia archives wherever possible.

Products specifications
Binding Hardbound
Pages 150
Size cm. 25x28
B/W Pictures 194
Publishing Date 2001
Text Italian
Text English
Author Condolo Massimo
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A beautiful collection of images from the Negri’s photographic archives portraiting the Fiat production of trucks. Included the detailed technical features of the main vehicles.


A retrospective view of the vehicles and the companies which contributed to build the past of the Italian motor transport and the economy of the country. Many never before published images are taken from the rich archives of the photographic Studio Negri to produce this exceptional work. Filled with the most glorious Italian trademarks of commercial trucks: Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Edoardo Bianchi, Lancia, Spa, Om, Isotta Fraschini, Breda, and Zust up to 1975.


Exhaustive monograh illustrating the spirit, engineering, design and road behaviour of the Spyder & coupé models.
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Subtitle: Isomoto, Isetta, IsoRivolta, Isomillennium...
This is the tale of the Bresso manufacturer, which was founded in the Milan suburb in the early Fifties. Iso became known for its incredible variety of products over about 30 years, and its story is as fascinating as it is little known today. In fact, the company’s production was one of the most multi-faceted, ranging from electrical household goods branded Isothermos, to its unmistakable scooters and light motorcycles, especially the Isomoto; the three-wheeled Isocarro van; the revolutionary Isetta micro-car; the fabulous Iso Rivolta GT, Grifo, Fidia and Iso Lele grand tourers. This book analyses the technical aspects of all of these products, and covers the complex story of Iso itself, all reconstructed with the testimony of the key players of the period and the company’s own photography. Ample space has been given to the marque’s sporting activities, competing as it did in some of the great races of the past, among them the Mille Miglia, 24 Hours of Le Mans and even Formula One. The story is brought right up to the present day when, after a period of silence, work started up again to produce prototypes of the Nineties Grifo, the Isocity and Isigò city cars, direct descendents of the Isetta.
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