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Carlo Abarth. L'uomo, Le Imprese Sportive, Le Iniziative Industriali

Collectible book: some signs of ageon the dust cover, good inside and the cover.
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Excellent biography of this genius of motors, a man with a vivid personality, great intelligence and strong determination. 


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Binding Hardbound
Pages 196
Size cm. 16x22
B/W Pictures 80
Publishing Date 1967
Text Italian
Author Fagiuoli Gianfranco
Author Gerosa Guido
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The trademark of Carlo Abarth, the scorpion, is still engraved on Fiat sport models. Car enthusiasts know that behind it there is not only the development of Fiat, but a long history of sporting and technical successes. In 1949 Abarth founded his company in Bologna and began tuning production vehicles mainly of Italian car brands and optimizing them as racing cars. Carlo Abarth sold his company in 1971 to the Fiat Group. Today, in addition to the Abarth 124 Spider, the Fiat 500 Abarth is one of the best known models in the tuning laboratory, but Abarth is also famous for its racing cars, which have been used in all FIA categories of the period. This rich and big volume contains the spectacular Elgelbert Moll collection of 48 Abarth racing machines, which cover the entire production period, with the sumptuous images of great photographers and an important collection of letters, documents and historical photographs. The images are the main objective, mixed up with many anecdotes from the golden days of motor racing.

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