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C’era una volta il Safari - Storie italiane d’Africa

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When we think about Safari we all have in our eyes and hearts the images and stories of Miki Biasion and Tiziano Siviero, of Sandro Munari, of the Lancia Fulvia, Stratos, 037 and Delta. Of the Fiat 124 and 131 Abarth. That is of that top Italian motoring that has exalted and exalted us in over twenty years, from the first Lancia landing in Africa, in 1969, to the third and last victory of the Turin manufacturer, conquered by Kankkunen in '91 after the magnificent double by Biasion and Siviero in 88-'89. Stories that are wonderful, exhilarating, beautiful and sometimes dramatic, just like the great race on which they were painted. But that's not all. The Coronation Safari Rally, then East African Safari, then Safari Rally to mention the three denominations that have followed one another from 1953 to today, is this but also much more. To the great stories, in fact, there are a thousand small-big stories, experienced by Italian and non-Italian crews, aboard Italian cars. Models that it is sometimes difficult to imagine engaged in Safari in what for them was a struggle for survival. Let's talk about the Fiat - 600s; 850; 127; 128; 125; 1100; 1400; 1500; 1800; 2300 - but also of the Alfa Romeo 1750 coupé; Giulia You; Alfasud; Alfetta Gtv. They are the "other Italians", cars that have contributed to giving shape to the tricolor presence in Africa and which are described, recounted and relived in the volume by Sergio Limone and Sergio Remondino. All accompanied by magnificent images, most of which come from the McKlein archive.

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Author Limone Sergio
Author Remondino Sergio
Publishing Date 2022
Text Italian
Text English
Binding Hardbound
Pages 222
Photos 188 COL e B/N
Photos 11 disegni
Size cm.33x24
ISBN 9788898344833

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