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A book full of colour, drawings and funny information to tell a fascinating history.
Manufacturer: Alfatext
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A book full of colour, drawings and funny information to tell a fascinating history. 

Products specifications
Binding Softbound
Pages 52
Size cm. 20x20
Colour Pictures disegni
Publishing Date 2016
Text Italian
Author Scelsa Ivan
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FIAT NUOVA 500 REFERENCE Ed. Italiana/Italian ed.

Enzo Altorio reconstructs the birth, the development and the evolutions of this four wheels myth as a great industrial novel, creating an accurate and complete book-casket able to propose itself as a fascinating document on the most recent national history. Developed starting from the book FIAT NUOVA 500 written by the author in the first 90ties with the direct contribution of the car engineer, the engineer Dante Giacosa, FIAT NUOVA 500 reference represents to date the most complete and exhaustive research on the car most loved by the Italians. The Autobianchi Bianchina, the Abarth and Giannini elaborations, the Steyr-Puch, the countless special body derivations and the competitions are included. The chassis numbers and the units produced are also included.
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For some, this was the last real Alfa Romeo, and certainly the last rear-wheel drive production car. For this reason alone, the Alfa 75 is much liked, sought after, even loved by Alfisti of yesterday and today. The designation 75 came about as a celebration of the manufacturer’s 75th anniversary, but immediately afterwards it bore witness to the major crisis that led to Alfa joining the Fiat Group.
The Alfa 75 is also a culmination of a school of thought – the transaxle persuasion – that was born with the Alfetta and eventually reached full maturity. A prestigious imposition, complex and sophisticated that, perhaps, challenged the laws of production cost containment, but it is certainly able to further enhance an enjoyable driving experience. It was followed by the launch of the legendary Twin Spark and there came a moment in which the turbo would be “worth” an Alfa Romeo.
This book and its pictures tell the story of the birth, history, success, innovations and races of the Alfa Romeo 75 and offers help to those who want a 75 in their garage.
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Fifteen world championships in the 350 cc and 500 cc classes, 18 Italian national titles (175, 250, 350 and 500 cc), 311 victories in world championship races of which 123 were world championship counters and 10 wins in the legendary TT. That is the incredible record of Giacomo Agostini, achieved between 1962, the year in which he won his first race at Bologna-San Luca on a Morini Settebello, and 1977 when he took the win at Hockenheim on a Yamamoto in the 750 cc class.
Agostini – just about everyone calls him Ago – was the greatest racing motorcyclist ever, and today he has decided to review his magnificent career again by bringing together the greatest, most significant photographs of his life in a book. The debut on the Morini, the golden years with MV and the less dazzling period with Yamaha, his experience as a team manager as well as his family, friends and his fleeting appearance on four wheels; these are the chapters that comprise this work, which has never previously been attempted.


20 World Championship seasons, nine world titles, 330 races disputed, 112 victories, 211 podiums, 61 pole positions, 5,418 points on the board. The bald stats alone would be sufficient to define Valentino Rossi as a Campionissimo, but there is so much more to the man. He is a great Italian, for better or worse, a provincial boy made good who has flown the flag for motorcycling in every corner of the globe. The Doctor, the rider who took Yamaha to triumphant victory after a long lean period and the man who challenged Honda and its men. This book focuses on the human and competitive side of a rider who, at the end of the most hotly disputed and acrimonious season in the history of MotoGP was the true winner, the moral champion. The text is accompanied by hundreds of spectacular images from some of MotoGP’s most renowned photographers.
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