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CORRENDO NEL TEMPO: Storia del Motorismo Veronese nel Novecento

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The history of the automobile in the 20th century in Verona. Famous races as the ascent of the Torricelle, the circuit of the well, the Stallavena-Woods, the Caprino-Spiazzi, rallying two valleys and much more. Drivers and cars that have made the history of Verona on four wheels, since 1882, when Enrico Bernardi patented the first gasoline-powered internal combustion engine, anticipating Daimler and Benz. New photos on the first international travel who set off from Verona and steps of the Mille Miglia in town, when authorities recommended "keep children and animals." Another Italy, even then at two speeds: one of the samples and that of ordinary people, with smaller than to watch the race wore the dress at the party.

Products specifications
Publishing Date 2017
Text Italian
Binding Hardbound
Pages 222
Photos centinaia COL e B/N
Size cm. 17x25
ISBN 9788883149054
Author Castellarin Danilo
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