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Cranswick on Ford Maverick and Mercury Comet 1970-77

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An enthusiast’s guide to the commercial and racing history of Ford’s Maverick and Comet, charting their development and market battles with domestic and imported rivals, as Ford acknowledged the growing importance of small cars. Covers the sporty Maverick Grabber and Comet GT, luxury LDO and Custom Option, plus drag racing exploits.

The Ford Maverick was a horse of a different color – four different colors, in fact. It was America’s first modern subcompact; as ‘The Simple Machine’ it combined rugged Ford durability with looks that belied its bargain basement starter sticker.

Secondly, the Maverick was an attainable junior supercar. When ponies got pricey, the Maverick Grabber stepped in to fight inflation. And if the Mustang had the Cougar as an upscale cousin, the Grabber could have the Comet GT as its partner in crime. 

Indeed, it was in the third area of small car luxury, that Maverick LDO (Luxury Décor Option), and Mercury Comet with Custom Option, were truly innovative. Ford was the first domestic to break the previously accepted tenet that luxury went with size. 

Still, all plush and no sport makes Henry a dull lad. In Super Stock and Pro Stock, the Ford Maverick was raced by Dyno Don Nicholson, Fast Eddie Schartman and Gapp & Roush to victory! Overall, the Ford Maverick was a winner on the track, and in the showroom. Thanks a couple of million Henry!

Marc Cranswick’s homage to the small US Fords of the 1970s is essential reading for all Maverick and Comet enthusiasts.

Products specifications
Author Cranswick Marc
Publishing Date 2021
Text English
Binding Hardbound
Pages 260
Photos 224 B/N e COL
Size cm. 21x25
ISBN 9781787116696
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