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In 1979, Thierry Sabine invented the most difficult and punishing race in the world. It began quietly enough, but in just a few years it was transform...
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In 1979, Thierry Sabine invented the most difficult and punishing race in the world. It began quietly enough, but in just a few years it was transformed into an event of world stature. A combination of victories, effort, sweat, pain and floods of tears. Entrants were killed and many were the controversies. Through the stories of some of the stars of the race across the Sahara, Beppe Donazzan tells of its progress. From Thierry Sabine to Cyril Neveu, from Gaston Rahier to Franco Picco, from the triumphs of Edi Orioli to the sacrifice of Fabrizio Meoni, from Auriol to Peterhansel. And then there is the challenge between Porsche, Peugeot and Citroën, the attempts at the race by Princess Caroline of Monaco, the extraordinary success of Jutta Kleinschmidt, the only woman to dominate this impossible marathon. Right through to the nightmare of Al Qaida attacks and the event’s immigration to South America. The epoch of the African Dakar in a book of tremendous excitement.

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Binding Hardbound
Pages 416
Size cm. 14x22
Photos COL e B/N
Publishing Date 2015
Text Italian
Author Donazzan Beppe
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DESTRA3 LUNGA CHIUDE Quando i rally avevano un’anima

The rallies of yesterday, the ones that spanned 30 years from 1960 to 1990 were not just simple races, but a concentration of adventure. They were excessively long, tortured that took place over of roads with impossible surfaces, the drivers always prepared for the worst. Day and night, searing sun or pouring craven rain, then snow and fog, dust and ice. The drivers had to compete in cars that broke, fitted with tyres unable to withstand the harshness of it all. A perfect contest to generate an incredible story. So here is a collection of various facts, many of which it has been difficult to track down, which could help those who were there at the time to remember, and those who weren’t to get to know. Page after page review an unrepeatable era in which there were not just the winners, but the surrounding companies, defeats born with the same dignity as victories, painful team orders and those who made generous gestures in renouncing a win to help a colleague in difficulty.
Fifty incredible stories that bring out once more recollections the memory cannot cancel. Times when rallies really were rallies. Things that happened that really were over the top, sometimes a good situation because, although they seem like romanticised tales, they were no more than the rule in those days. Carlo Cavicchi competed in just such rallies and wrote about them in the Italian motor sport magazines Autosprint and Rombo. Now, he has reopened his notebook and extracted the best of the best from it. Some stories really do induce dreams, told as they are by Jean-Claude Andruet, Attilio Bettega, Dario Cerrato, Hannu Mikkola, Raffaele Pinto, Tony Fassina, Luciano Trombottto, Maurizio Verini, Mauro Pregliasco, Sergio Barbasio and Amilcare Ballestreri. All rally drivers who really did write the history of their period. And all of them told by a great professional of the sport, Carlo Cavacchi.

The people the author has selected as the stars of this book are:

Rauno Aaltonen, Erik Carlsson, Pentti Airikkala, Markku Alén, Jean-Claude Andruet, Fulvio Bacchelli, Amilcare Ballestrieri, Sergio Barbasio, Attilio Bettega, Miki Biasion, Marc Birley, Tony Carello, Dario Cerrato, Jim Clark, Bernard Darniche, Per Eklund, Tony Fall, Guy Fréquelin, Kyösti Hämäläinen, Paddy Hopkirk, Harry Källström, Simo Lampinen, Bosse Ljungfeldt, Timo Makinen, Shekhar Mehta, Hannu Mikkola, Michèle Mouton, Sandro Munari, Federico Ormezzano, Alcide Paganelli, Raffaele Pinto, Fabrizia Pons, Mauro Pregliasco, Carlos Reutemann, Walter Röhrl, Carlos Sainz, Joginder Singh, Jean-Luc Thérier, Pauli Toivonen, “Tony” (Tony Fassina)
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Miki Biasion’s life reads like a novel. He is one of the greatest drivers in the history of rallying and became the only Italian to have won the world rally championship twice, in 1988 and 1989 driving Lancia Deltas. From his early years in an Opel Kadett GTE to victory in the Monte Carlo and Kenya Safari rallies, Miki won 17 world championship events as well as the World Cup Raid Tout Terrain, the punishing African races like the Dakar in 1998 and 1999 driving an Iveco Eurocargo truck. Recollections, anecdotes, behind the scenes happenings are all here in a book written by journalist Beppe Donazzan, which is a succession of exciting and unprecedented pages, in which many little known facts emerge about the life of one of the all time great champions of world rallying.
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A selection of never published before anecdotes and curiosities on Ferrari. A report on Enzo Ferrari and the many difficulties in creating his empire and the strong image of his factory as he was, before creating the best racing cars of all times, a genius in marketing.


The Federazione Motociclistica Italiana is an organisation that was established 100 years ago in 1911. The important anniversary of this great federation, which today embraces the entire motorcycling world on both the sports and touring fronts as well as vintage bikes, is the right occasion on which to tell the story of the first century of the Italian motorcycle in a great book, which includes:
- a long and extraordinary history told by some of the great sports journalists.
- over 350 new pictures in both black and white and colour from the archives of the Italian motorcycle manufacturers.
- the 10 most beautiful Italian motorcycles photographed on special sets especially for the centenary.
- a century of racing in all the various disciplines of the many-sided world of two-wheel competition.
- a century of the Italian motorcycle’s technical development.
- a systematic cataloguing of the 100 motorcycles that best represent a century of two-wheel history.
This is a unique and prestigious volume which has never previously been penned by a number of writers, one which is richly illustrated and tells the story of a century of sport, of motorcycles, riders and men: in a word a history to which the Federation has given and continues to give its fundamental support.
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