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CX and CV: aerodynamic and horsepower coefficients - in other words, power. These are, and always have been, two of the most important parameters in the design of a Formula One car. Enrico Benzing, an engineer with a decade of experience in F1, guides the reader through the world of aerodynamic study (aerodynamic load of the car, wing profiles, ground effect, tyre rolling resistance and aerodynamic flow) using hundreds of graphs, formulae and pictures. The book also provides an opportunity to review over half a century of high performance engine evolution. An accurate and exhaustive work, which is indispensable to the aspiring Formula One engineer and, at the same time, easily understood by readers who want to take their first good look at this sector’s technology and research, which is as complex as it is fascinating.

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Products specifications
Binding Softbound
Pages 450
Size cm. 21x27
Photos hundreds of technical drawings and graphics
Colour Pictures 52
B/W Pictures 300
Publishing Date 2004
Text Italian
Author Benzing Enrico
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This book explores the world of motor racing, describing the characteristics and performance of racing cars and comparing their possible architectures. As well as the art of design, the volume examines the competitions and specific subjects such as the analysis of performance, mass, aerodynamics, tyres, handling, the engine, reliability and durability. Particular attention is paid to materials and the development of the project, elements to which two specific chapters are devoted. The book, which contains a wealth of graphics and technical designs, is not aimed solely at experts; it also reaches out to readers who wish to expand their knowledge of these technical and research areas that are so complex but fascinating.
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ALI/WINGS. Progettazione e applicazione su auto da corsa

After the wing plane revolution on racing cars that began in 1966 (1968 in Formula 1) and the appearance of ground effect in 1977, aerodynamics took on a front line role on the track with winged cars, switching from traditional studies of resistance to advancement to the exploitation of negative lift in order to increase speed through the corners.
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The revolutionary modifications to the regulations decided on by the Federation before the 2009 F1 World Championship, have had severe repercussions on the progress of the season. The teams that were undisputed protagonists the previous year – especially Ferrari and McLaren – had to face new forces on the track. First among the newcomers was Brawn, risen from the ashes of Honda and able to win both titles, the drivers’ going to Britain’s Jenson Button. Red Bull and Toro Rosso also did well. An anomalous championship, but no less intense even for that, is told by expert Giorgio Piola, who analyses the various phases of development carried out by the teams during the 2009 season. As usual, the text is completed by an ample section devoted to the protagonist cars of 2010.
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2010 saw the most closely fought Formula 1 World Championship for many years. Red Bull’s confirmation as one of the front rank teams, the roller coaster performance of the McLarens despite Hamilton consistent pace and the thrilling charge staged by Ferrari, which after a subdued start challenged for the title through to the bitter end with Fernando Alonso in his first season with the “Rosse”, were the ingredients for a season that drew to a close with Sebastian Vettel crowned as the youngest ever World Champion in the history of Formula 1 and the natural heir to Michael Schumacher who to general surprise had decided to suit up once again as a works Mercedes driver. The expert Giorgio Piola was again on hand to analyse the various development phases conducted by the various teams during the course of the championship, with brief but exhaustive texts accompanying hundreds of full-colour technical drawings. The book is completed with a detailed section devoted the leading cars of the 2011 season: from the new Ferrari F150 to the Mercedes-Benz WO2, the McLaren MP4/26 and the heir to the 2010 world championship-winning Red Bull RB7. The 2011 world championship will also be the one in which KERS will be used again and it sees the return of Pirelli as the sport’s official tyre supplier.
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