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Many critical observers believed Eddie Jordan had a little chance of survival in Formula One’s “Piranha Club” when he launched his team in 1991, but he has proved them wrong. He has won races, kept his friends and earned a reputation as one of the most colourful entrepreneurs and risk-takers in Europe along the way. This is the previously untold story of how he did it and how he has survived and succeeded where others perished. In is an extraordinary tale of one of man’s belief and brain-power winning against all the odds.

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Binding Hardbound
Pages 314
Size cm. 16x24
B/W Pictures 16
Publishing Date 2001
Text English
Author Collings Timothy
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The true life story of one of Britain’s most successful racing car designers of the 80s and 90s. Nigel Bennett’s unique autobiography describes his life and career, from growing-up influenced by car design, to his education and the building of his 750 specials. He describes his work as Firestone Development Manager, recounting many tales of the outstanding designers and drivers of the period. Detailing his work in Formula 1, as a Team Lotus engineer, and then as Team Ensign designer, he also covers his Indycar designs at Theodore, Lola Cars and Penske Cars. Life after his retirement, his involvement in boat design and with modern F1 teams, are also recounted.

AUTOMOBILSPORT N.12 Canadian American Challenge Cup 1969

Number 12 of this quarterly magazine about historic motor sport. In this issue a special on the 1969 Can-Am. Besides articles of Walter Wolf on the debut victory of his WR1 at Argentina 1977, Eckhard Schimpf on 90 years of Nürburgring, Manfred Kremer on the first privately entered Porsche 935, Harold Schwarz and Michael Cotton on Mazda at Le Mans 1991 and many more!

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