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Published in 1998 by the ‘Eredità Enzo Ferrari’ to mark the centenary of Enzo Ferrari’s birth and the first decade after his death, “Una Vita per l’Au...
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Published in 1998 by the ‘Eredità Enzo Ferrari’ to mark the centenary of Enzo Ferrari’s birth and the first decade after his death, “Una Vita per l’Automobile” (A Life for the Car) is a book that brings together about 500 black and white images from the world’s most important photographic archives, pictures taken by well-known car photographers. His infancy, his years as a racing driver, those as the motor sport director of Alfa Romeo, his debut as a constructor in his own right and the era of the Prancing Horse until 1988, these are the various phases of the Commendatore’s long and extraordinary life, which are all documented in this work. Ferrari comments on each picture in his own words, those thoughts which were usually entered daily into his personal diary in that purple ink of his. A limited number of copies of the book, which has been out of print for years, are now available.

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Binding Hardbound
Pages 372
Size cm. 24x33
B/W Pictures 493
Text Italian
Text English
Author Ferrari Enzo
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Out of print book by the publisher. Last copies not in perfect conditions.

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