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Hardbound edition of the book "Ferrari 60", published inl 2007 on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of Maranello House. Year after year f...
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Hardbound edition of the book "Ferrari 60", published inl 2007 on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of Maranello House. Year after year for six consecutive decades. That is the story told of the epic deeds of Ferrari and its great creator. An essential text that not only focuses on the principal happenings that have distinguished every single season of Ferrari’s motor racing, but also the technical and styling evolution of the cars from Maranello as well as the salient developments in which the Prancing Horse has been involved at industrial and social levels. Episodes from a true sporting life and world events, which have had their effect in the existence of Ferrari as a company over the decades.A sequence of more than 1,000 photographs in black and white and colour constitute a unique testimonial of the expansion process experienced by the world’s most famous racing and sports car constructor.The volume also includes more than 100 drawings from a prestigious pen like that of artist Giorgio Alisi.

Products specifications
ISBN 978887911425/
Binding Hardbound
Pages 408
Size cm. 24x27
Photos oltre 1200 COL e B/N
Publishing Date 2008
Text Italian
Author Acerbi Leonardo
Author Greggio Luciano
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FERRARI STORY N° 23 (L’idea Ferrari - Mostra del 1990 a Firenze)

The famous Italian three-monthly magazine on Ferrari. In this number: the idea Ferrari. The cover photo represents the original Ferrari Idea, that is the fabulous 12 cylinders 125 engine, the starting point from where it was created the marque of motor cars that became a legend.
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FERRARI 1947/1997 IL LIBRO UFFICIALE Edizione trade/Trade edition

Reprint of the prestigious volume published on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the House of Maranello and sponsored by Ferrari itself. The 408 pages of this imposing work are subdivided in two large sections: the technical part and the historical one. The technical part, under the title "Le idee - The ideas", is by Karl Ludvigsen and gives a long excursus on the technological innovations introduced by Ferrari from 1947 up to now. The historical part, titled "Le opere e i giorni - The works and the days" is by Gianni Cancellieri and has been divided into chapters, one for each decade, recalling Ferrari’s history from the industrial, sport and human viewpoint. For the first time, in these pages the drivers talk about Ferrari and not vice versa, as it was in the past for the books written by Enzo Ferrari. The appendix gives the catalogue and the silhouettes of all the cars realized by Ferrari, the list of the men that in these fifty years have contributed in building the myth of the Prancing Horse (presidents, technicians, teams, drivers and so on), and the sports palmares.
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Published in 1998 by the ‘Eredità Enzo Ferrari’ to mark the centenary of Enzo Ferrari’s birth and the first decade after his death, “Una Vita per l’Automobile” (A Life for the Car) is a book that brings together about 500 black and white images from the world’s most important photographic archives, pictures taken by well-known car photographers. His infancy, his years as a racing driver, those as the motor sport director of Alfa Romeo, his debut as a constructor in his own right and the era of the Prancing Horse until 1988, these are the various phases of the Commendatore’s long and extraordinary life, which are all documented in this work. Ferrari comments on each picture in his own words, those thoughts which were usually entered daily into his personal diary in that purple ink of his. A limited number of copies of the book, which has been out of print for years, are now available.
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