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On the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary the Ferrari company has sponsored the production of a book reconstructing its industrial and sporting hist...
Manufacturer: Giorgio Nada Editore
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On the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary the Ferrari company has sponsored the production of a book reconstructing its industrial and sporting history. This special edition, with silver cover, has been produced for Ferrari’s President. Promoted by Ferrari PR Department, the book has more than 1000 pictures and is proposed with a lavish slipcase. Edited by Gianni Cancellieri and Karl Ludvigsen with the art direction of Olivier Maupas, the work has been published by Giorgio Nada Editore. The 408 pages of this imposing work are subdivided in two large sections: the technical part and the historical one. The technical part, under the title "Le idee - The ideas", is by Karl Ludvigsen and gives a long excursus on the technological innovations introduced by Ferrari from 1947 up to now. The historical part, titled "Le opere e i giorni - The works and the days" is by Gianni Cancellieri and has been divided into chapters, one for each decade, recalling Ferrari’s history from the industrial, sport and human viewpoint. For the first time, in these pages the drivers talk about Ferrari and not vice versa, as it was in the past for the books written by Enzo Ferrari. The appendix gives the catalogue and the silhouettes of all the cars realized by Ferrari, the list of the men that in these fifty years have contributed in building the myth of the Prancing Horse (presidents, technicians, teams, drivers and so on), and the sports palmares.

Products specifications
Pages 408
Size cm. 28x28
Colour Pictures 390
B/W Pictures 560
Publishing Date 1997
Text Italian
Binding Rilegato con sovracoperta Col
Author Cancellieri Gianni
Author Ludvigsen Karl
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First published in 1987 by Edizioni Autocritica, this Giorgio Nada Editore version has been thoroughly revised and enriched in its text and photographic apparatuses (with over 300 new illustrations taken from the Alberto Sorlini archive, official Mille Miglia’s photographer in the dacade 1947-1997). Count Giannino Marzotto, one among the protagonist of those days, writes on Ferrari cars and its famous drivers racing at the Mille Miglia up to the fatal accident that caused the race to end on a rather unhappy note in 1957. Each Ferraris are descrived with technical datas and, from 1940 to 1957, are included information of: the crew, the type of car, type and make of body, race number, registration number, chassis number, type of engine, cupic capacity, category and class, start time, overall placing, category and class placing, and principal stages starting from Brescia.
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ALLA DESTRA DEL DRAKE Ed. rilegata/Hardbound ed.

For 30 years Franco Gozzi worked side by side with Enzo Ferrari, first as a press officer and then as team manager, becoming much more than just an advisor and confidant. In all those years spent with the complex yet charismatic personality that was Enzo Ferrari, Gozzi was a privileged witness to events, anecdotes, motor sport triumphs and bitter defeats, not only concerning the Maranello company but also the world of motor sport itself. The crystal clear recollections of the Commendatore’s right hand man are used to reconstruct this long and fascinating story of happenings and, more than anything else, of the drivers - from Alberto Ascari to Lorenzo Bandini, Gilles Villeneuve to Michael Schumacher - as well as wealthy customers and show business personalities. All of them come alive again in this authoritative and compelling book illustrated with a vast collection of pictures and documents, many of them previously unpublished.
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A selection of never published before anecdotes and curiosities on Ferrari. A report on Enzo Ferrari and the many difficulties in creating his empire and the strong image of his factory as he was, before creating the best racing cars of all times, a genius in marketing.


Many of the Ferrari single seaters and sports racers that won world championships were born of the imagination of Mauro Forghieri and designed by him. That was the case with the John Surtees 1964 158 F1 and the unbeatable Ts of the Lauda-Regazzoni era. The same can be said of the 250 P, the 330 P3 and P4, as well, naturally, as the 312 ‘PB’, the unquestioned protagonists among the sports racing cars of the 1960s and 1970s. The life of the outstanding Mauro Forghieri is told in this book, in which noted stories, especially those that have remained unpublished for years, intertwine in an riveting narrative, supported by a wealth of absolutely unpublished illustrations, a large portion of which come from the publisher’s archives.
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