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Here, in this updated and rewritten account, is the story of the development, building and racing of the “Tour de France” Ferraris.
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Here, in this updated and rewritten account, is the story of the development, building and racing of the “Tour de France” Ferraris in 1956, 1957, 1958 and 1959. Importantly, the book also contains individual chassis histories of the Ferrari “TdF” Berlinettas.

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Pages 144
Size cm. 21x25
Colour Pictures 20
B/W Pictures 180
Text English
Publishing Date Ristampa 2017
Binding Softbound
Author Starkey John
Author Starkey John
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First published in 1987 by Edizioni Autocritica, this Giorgio Nada Editore version has been thoroughly revised and enriched in its text and photographic apparatuses (with over 300 new illustrations taken from the Alberto Sorlini archive, official Mille Miglia’s photographer in the dacade 1947-1997). Count Giannino Marzotto, one among the protagonist of those days, writes on Ferrari cars and its famous drivers racing at the Mille Miglia up to the fatal accident that caused the race to end on a rather unhappy note in 1957. Each Ferraris are descrived with technical datas and, from 1940 to 1957, are included information of: the crew, the type of car, type and make of body, race number, registration number, chassis number, type of engine, cupic capacity, category and class, start time, overall placing, category and class placing, and principal stages starting from Brescia.
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ZAGATO Masterpieces of Style

It was in 1919 that Ugo Zagato established Carrozzeria U. Zagato & C., a business that acquired great fame in just a few years among the numerous car manufacturers of the period, first of all Alfa Romeo, which entrusted the Milanese body stylist with designing and building the body of the unforgettable 6C 1750, as it did its 8C 2900 that appeared in the ‘30s. From then on, the famous marque became synonymous with style – not only in Italy – designing a series of masterpieces including the Lancia Aprilia Sport, the various Panoramic cars of the immediate post-war period, the Aston Martin DB4, the Alfa Romeo SZ and TZ, the Lancias Fulvia, Flavia and Flaminia and many more. From the ‘90s Zagato re-emerged as an atelier, designing small production run cars and sometimes one-offs for its wealthy clients. Luciano Greggio, the automobile historian, covers the fascinating story of this prestigious body stylist and has also written other books in the series as well as Zagato. The series, to be published soon, includes books on Touring, Bertone, Pininfarina, Giugiaro, Vignale and Ghia.
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TOURING Masterpieces of Style

The fascinating history of Touring, a name of absolute excellence among the creators of Italian car bodies, told through a wealth of illustrations and brief texts.
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Author of automotive books Ed Heuvink and car enthusiast Yvo Alexander – who has been the owner of a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTE for over twenty years – have joined forces to create a limited edition book about the 250 GTE. The contents combine history, facts and figures, reproductions of historic documents as well as both black & white archive photos and more recent colour photos of various Ferrari 250 GTEs. Designed by Pininfarina, the Ferrari 250 GTE was the first large-scale production, four-seater Ferrari in the early sixties with nearly one thousand examples built in four years. In this unique book, author Ed Heuvink tells the full story starting with Enzo Ferrari at the wheel of an Alfa Romeo, the Scuderia Ferrari motorsport history in the twenties and thirties up to the 250 GTE project in the late fifties. The author describes the role of the famous Colombo three-liter V12 engine in detail and the involvement of Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina in the Pininfarina design, just to name a few subjects. Included are a large number of photos of this classic car worldwide today as well as in-dept photos of the car. Illustrated with a lot of unseen images and limited to 954 numbered copies (954 is the total number of 250 GTEs produced), the hardcover book with dust jacket includes a foreword by Luigi Chinetti Jr. son of the Ferrari importer in the United States. The introduction is by Ferrari 250 GTE owner Yvo Alexander.

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