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FERRARI 275 GTB #08011

Photographs by George Saitas and introduction by Ken Gross.
Manufacturer: Assouline
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As far as famous automobiles go, a select few truly stand out from the rest. One in particular shook the collective foundations of automotive design and motorsport competition. Ferrari 275 GTB follows one of these rare gems step by step through the restoration process. In-depth illustrations explore how the model finds new life under the expert hands of craftsmen whose passion it is to realize the rebirth of a car that marked an era. Produced only between 1964–68, the Ferrari 275 GTB immediately established itself in a class all its own, redefining workmanship with what has become an instantly recognizable Pininfarina coupe designed body. Famously, the 275 GTB/C was so avant-garde that it was initially denied entrance into the racing season, but Enzo Ferrari’s persuasion led to the model becoming a legendary sports car. Ferrari 275 GTB is a breathtakingly illustrated tribute to one of the greatest feats of artistry the automotive industry has ever known.

Products specifications
Publishing Date 2016
Text English
Binding Hardbound
Pages 168
Colour Pictures 120
Size cm. 27x34
ISBN 9781614285281
Author George Saitas
Author Gross Ken
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