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FERRARI 70 Settanta vetture che hanno fatto la storia

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When the V12 engine of the Ferrari 125 S let out its first growl within the then new factory at Maranello in the spring of 1947, perhaps not even Enzo Ferrari thought he was at the beginning of an epic saga that would become so glorious and long lasting as that of the cars of the Prancing Horse. This book is a tribute to the first 70 years of the marque that has become a symbol of Italy throughout the world. It covers the company’s entire history as seen through 70 of Maranello’s most iconic models.  They include the 166, 250, 275, 330 and 365 of the ‘50s and ‘60s, the subsequent 308, 512 and F40. Those and more are the bedrock of this fascinating technical, human and sporting review. This book, which is illustrated with hundreds of colour and black and white pictures, many of them never previously published, is aimed at both the most refined students of the marque, but especially at those who want to get a little closer to this fascinating story.

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Products specifications
Publishing Date 2017
Text Italian
Photos centinaia COL e B/N
Binding Hardbound
Pages 288
Size cm. 26x29
ISBN 9788879116831
Author Acerbi Leonardo
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