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Ferrari en F1: Edition Anniversaire 50 Ans

Foreword by Jean-Louis Moncet
Manufacturer: Glenat
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The fascinating story of Enzo Ferrari and his cars. From the first Formula 1 car at Silverstone to the 2021 championship - more than 1000 Grands Prix later - the Scuderia is unmistakably recognizable. 

All sides are captured: the ups and downs, the relentless struggle to win, the internal and power fights - in the factory and on the track. In the book there are portraits of all the drivers, engineers and managers who have all contributed to the myth of Ferrari. 

This unique book is a beautiful and dramatic story that gives the reader a true insight into history and how a legend in motorsport was created and continues to inspire on and off the track.

Products specifications
Author Nygaard Peter
Publishing Date 2021
Text French
Binding Hardbound
Pages 512
Photos 400 COL & B/W
Size cm. 23x31
ISBN 9782344050552

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