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Enzo Ferrari was the dynamic, but enigmatic, creator of what is now one of the greatest automotive brands in the world. How he created the marque that bears his name is a fascinating and absorbing story. The history of Enzo Ferrari as a marketeer, publicist and manager is recounted in words and with many unique previously unpublished historical photographs and documents.
Enzo raised himself from an out-of-work eighteen year-old to a racing car manufacturer who launched the team bearing his name in 1947, by manufacturing his own technically advanced 12-cylinder racing cars.
Enzo Ferrari’s story and the facts of that amazing first season are recounted in previously unavailable detail, with copies of many official documents and reports that have never been published before.
Also included is a ‘facsimile’ of the 1947 “Libro di Corse”, the official 1947 Ferrari race book. This additional 96 page book includes copies of Ferrari’s official reports of all fourteen events in that inaugural year of racing.
This exceptional publication is a collaboration between Ferrari historian Nathan Beehl, respected motor-sport journalist Doug Nye, and features many rare items from the renowned Ronald Stern Ferrari Archive.



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Products specifications
Publishing Date 2017
Text English
Binding rilegato con copertina in pelle + cofanetto
Pages 218
Photos COL & B/W
Size cm. 33x39
Author Beehl Nathan
Author Nye Doug
Author Stern Ronald

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