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The period between the mid-60s and the beginning of the subsequent decade saw the birth of a series of unforgettable Ferrari Grand Tourers, all distin...
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The period between the mid-60s and the beginning of the subsequent decade saw the birth of a series of unforgettable Ferrari Grand Tourers, all distinguished by their classic V12 engine installed in the front-longitudinal position. The 275, 330 and 365 are models capable of evoking great enthusiasm among connoisseurs of the Prancing Horse and have become authentic milestones in both the coupé and roadster versions. Today, possessing one of those cars is a privilege for the fortunate few; even more so to restore one of them. For those who wish to involve themselves in such a demanding undertaking, "Ferrari V12" is an invaluable illustrated guide that enables restorers to get to know all the technical secrets of those exclusive Ferraris, protagonists of an unrepeatable era.

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ISBN 978887911479/
Binding Hardbound
Pages 144
Size cm. 25x28
Colour Pictures 233
Publishing Date 2009
Text Italian
Author Bluemel Keith
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Unlike the previous editions of the ’90s, this book concentrates on the Abarth 58 and 70 HP versions of the Autobianchi A112, the rarest of all and the most sought after by collectors. This is an across the board analysis of the car: it contains a general historic introduction on Autobianchi, Carlo Abarth and the A112 itself. They were the cars that began the decline of Abarth in 1971, and the book contains an analysis of the entire evolution of the seven series that succeeded them in the following 14 years of production. There is also a section devoted to documentation: the use and maintenance manuals, catalogues, leaflets, advertising and a segment giving advice on the Abarths’ identification, purchase, restoration and quotations. The book is completed by the car’s sports career in Italy and other countries, culminating in the eight Trofeo A112 Abarth 70HP events and closes with reference to today, including the vintage races and the various clubs devoted to this important car.
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In 1979, Thierry Sabine invented the most difficult and punishing race in the world. It began quietly enough, but in just a few years it was transformed into an event of world stature. A combination of victories, effort, sweat, pain and floods of tears. Entrants were killed and many were the controversies. Through the stories of some of the stars of the race across the Sahara, Beppe Donazzan tells of its progress. From Thierry Sabine to Cyril Neveu, from Gaston Rahier to Franco Picco, from the triumphs of Edi Orioli to the sacrifice of Fabrizio Meoni, from Auriol to Peterhansel. And then there is the challenge between Porsche, Peugeot and Citroën, the attempts at the race by Princess Caroline of Monaco, the extraordinary success of Jutta Kleinschmidt, the only woman to dominate this impossible marathon. Right through to the nightmare of Al Qaida attacks and the event’s immigration to South America. The epoch of the African Dakar in a book of tremendous excitement.
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Few cars in the history of the automobile have enjoyed such a long life as the Alfa Romeo 1600 Spider – known to most as the Duetto – that made its first appearance at the 1966 Geneva Motor Show. Created by the magical Pininfarina, who had already designed the Giulietta Spider, Alfa’s new discovery immediately transformed itself into an icon due to the fascination of its flowing lines and the reliability of its much tested mechanics. About a decade later, in the mid-Seventies, the Spider was given a stubby tail, which would accompany the Alfa Romeo two-seaters to the early Nineties. Fifty years after that 1966 Geneva Motor Show that saw the baptism of the Duetto series, it seemed inevitable that a new book would be devoted to this historic car, so beautiful and attractive.
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DUCATI LA ROSSA DELLE DUE RUOTE - Nuova edizione aggiornata 2016

Ducati was founded in 1926 to produce electronic components and did not become a motorcycle manufacturer until after the Second World War, when it was placed under state control almost by chance. But today, it is a marque known throughout the world and lives as much in the marketplace as it does in the hearts of enthusiasts as the icon of the ‘made in Italy’ motorcycle. The story of the company – famous for its refined desmodronic valve gear – is peppered with legendary models, extraordinary sporting successes and great champions, but also by financial crises and different owners. But nothing has been able to dim the fascination, vocation for excellence and the racing success of the Borgo Panigale company. This is a book that tells both the sporting and industrial story of the company, a volume that gives an overall view – bulging with information and pictures – of the Ducati branded products. A rich and conclusive catalogue through which parade the entire production of the company, model-by-model.
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