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FERRARI REX Biografia di un grande italiano del Novecento

Manufacturer: Giorgio Nada Editore
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FERRARI REX is the book on the life of Enzo Ferrari that had yet to be written. It is the definitive biography, the work that redefines the life of a 20th century giant as the epic quest of a man as complex, tormented and versatile as no other in motor racing history. Comprising over 1,100 pages, the book features previously unpublished photographs, was five years in the writing and is the fruit of eight years’ painstaking study of newspapers, periodicals and above all documents and private papers made available for the first time. First hand accounts from some of the members of the circle closest to the man from Maranello add further depth. FERRARI REX explains for the first time the mystery of Enzo’s two birth dates, tells the story of his first flawed entrepreneurial attempt until its humiliating fiasco; deals with Enzo’s personal relationship with the Fascist regime before and during the war and with Communist leaders in post–war Italy and opens an unprecedented window on Enzo’s complicated and grief-stricken personal life while going to the roots of his much talked about reputation as a womanizer. The Enzo Ferrari that emerges from the pages of FERRARI REX is a man in all his immense complexity with a larger-than-life self-confidence, ruthlessness and unashamed vulgarity but also surprisingly charming, unexpectedly frail and blessed with an unwavering faith in himself and an unsuspected life-long optimism.


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Men's Health (Carlo Martinelli)

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Il Centro di Pescara (Carlo Cavicchi)

Il Mattino di Padova (Annalisa Celeghin)


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Products specifications
Publishing Date 2016
Binding Hardbound
Pages 1168
Photos centinia COL e B/N
Size cm. 14x22
Text Italian
Author Dal Monte Luca
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