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Sometimes it could happen that a car transforms itself into a symbol so much so that its official denomination is substituted by a name created and en...
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Sometimes it could happen that a car transforms itself into a symbol so much so that its official denomination is substituted by a name created and enthusiastically adopted by the general public. And that is what happened with the extraordinary Fiat 500, known to one and all as the Topolino. This book exhaustively covers the life of this historic little car in all its versions, first of all by an interview with the person who can be considered its “father”, engineer Dante Giacosa, and ends with a detailed description of the original colours of the bodies and their corresponding trim. The ample selection of illustrations is of completely original material of the period, as well as patient and valuable research among the specialised press of the day. Ten examples, all owned by collectors, were photographed for the colour section of the book, together with two of the best covers which, at the time, Auto Italiana devoted to the Topolino.



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ISBN 978887911451/
Binding Softbound
Pages 144
Size cm. 24x27
Colour Pictures 326
B/W Pictures 188
Publishing Date 2008
Text Italian
Author Bossi Marco
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FIAT 500 “TOPOLINO” 1936-1955

This book tells the complete history of the “Topolino”, from its birth to all following evolutions, in Italy and in all other licensed countries, with the help of many pictures and technical specifications.


Few cars in the history of the automobile have enjoyed such a long life as the Alfa Romeo 1600 Spider – known to most as the Duetto – that made its first appearance at the 1966 Geneva Motor Show. Created by the magical Pininfarina, who had already designed the Giulietta Spider, Alfa’s new discovery immediately transformed itself into an icon due to the fascination of its flowing lines and the reliability of its much tested mechanics. About a decade later, in the mid-Seventies, the Spider was given a stubby tail, which would accompany the Alfa Romeo two-seaters to the early Nineties. Fifty years after that 1966 Geneva Motor Show that saw the baptism of the Duetto series, it seemed inevitable that a new book would be devoted to this historic car, so beautiful and attractive.
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This book covers the technical, industrial and stylistic history of a car that was even able to take the motorised lead in films, many of them Italian police sagas of the ‘70s.
€28.00 €23.80


Even today, to many people the Alfa Romeo Giulia is synonymous with Alfa itself. It was certainly a legendary car and a fundamental one to the brand. It first appeared as the heir to the apparently irreplaceable Giulietta, but it was able to repeat its predecessor’s success, turning the motoring world into turmoil. From comments in the press on the eve of the new car’s presentation in 1962, the word that recurred more than any other was “originality”: a new design that was at first controversial and later loved unreservedly, new technological developments and higher performance. And the Arese factory at which it was built was also new. The Giulia dominated the market until 1977, but even after that it never left the hearts of enthusiasts. The car’s history, the versions, its motor sport career and pictures of an epoch are all between the covers of this book. As is a “small guide” for those who acquire now or are “returning” to this great Alfa Romeo.

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