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The Fiat 124 and 125 were the last cars on which the Italian coachbuilders set up real custom cars, before the sunset of this type of car.
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The Fiat 124 and 125 were the last cars on which the Italian coachbuilders set up real custom cars, before the sunset of this type of car.

In parallel, however, they were widely used as bases for racing cars, starting from the rallies, which were spreading right up to the single-seaters in those years. In addition to the famous Abarth Formula Italia, in fact, there have been many national formulas around the world that have used engines 124 and 125 (or cars built under Fiat license in different countries), from the Soviet Formula Vostok to the Formula Seat 1430 in Spain, up to South America.

Lots of pictures with captions in Italian/English.

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Binding Softbound
Pages 142
Size cm. 21x30
Publishing Date 2020
Text Italian
Photos 307 COL e B/W
ISBN 9788896796641
Author Sannia Alessandro
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The volume describes the large variety of off road vehicles based on chassis or mechanical parts of Fiat cars, highlights on the Italian productions with a few significant exceptions. Starting with the birth of cars for special uses and the experimentary military vehicles in the early ’900, the book shows in detail the Campagnola and its military versions, the A.R. 51, A.R. 55 and A.R. 59, the off roads 500, 600, 127, 126 and 124 up to the modern 4x4s: from Panda, Tempra S.W. and all the special bodied models, the prototypes and the 4WD Fiat-based concept-cars made in the last 20 years, up to the very recent Simba and Doblò Sandstorm prototypes.
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Coriasco, in Italy, is synonymous with the compact and light trucks. Alongside thousands of its famous commercial vehicles based on the Fiat 600 T and 850 T, however, the Turin Coachbuilder has also created numerous other outfits, ranging from buses to ambulances, from advertising vehicles to station wagons, elaborate cars and even a few racing cars . This book, the result of a long and in-depth research work, tells the whole story, accompanied by an impressive iconographic apparatus that illustrates all its production.

GIOVANNI MICHELOTTI A Free Stylist - English ed./Ed. inglese

Giovanni Michelotti was one of the most prolific car designers of the twentieth century. Between the Thirties and the end of the Seventies he designed more than twelve hundred cars that appeared on the market under the trademark of the most famous coachbuilders or car’s companies that commissioned him the study and project: Stabilimenti Farina, Vignale, Allemano, Fissore, Scioneri , Moretti, Ghia Aigle, Cisitalia, Bugatti, Triumph, BMW, Saab, Daf, Maserati, Abarth are just some of the companies that have built cars designed by Michelotti. The book retraces the events.


Introduced in 1977 to replace the much-loved Giulia, the "Nuova Giulietta" stole the hearts of many, yet no title had ever been fully dedicated to this successful Alfa model. Automotive Designer and historian Matteo Licata first tackled the issue in 2018, and now this improved and expanded second edition will certainly satisfy even the most ardent "Alfisti": the book is based on a rigorous research through period documents and first-hand accounts of former Alfa Romeo employees.

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