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This is a story of experimentation, competition and success. World War II was over, spirits were high, and the sport of road racing was about to begin again in America. Former members of the Automobile Racing Club of America, which managed American road racing in the 1930’s, and war veterans with an interest in the spirt urged the newly formed Sports Car Club of America to revive it. Through their efforts, amateur road racing was reintroduced in the United States at Watkins Glen, New York in 1948. The popularity of the sport exploded over the next few years as the racers and organizers struggled to keep up with the rapid changes. The challenges of initiating, organizing and managing the races led to many disagreements among the various key players, racers and clubs as they attempted to control the activities with conflicting visions and goals. Compiled from the original records and documents of the racing participants, clubs and organizers, the story is presented in authoritative detail by racing competitor and historian Joel Finn with the accuracy and immediacy of first-hand experience.


Vieni a trovarci in fiera, risparmia sulle spese di spedizione!