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On March 12, 1921, Gianni Agnelli was born in Turin: the first musketeer of that tricolor industry able to rise from the ashes of the Second World War.

The authors reconstruct the story in this essay full of unpublished details, and in doing so they retrace not only the history of our country, but also the birth of what is today, to all intents and purposes, an Italian myth.

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Author Mazzuca Alberto
Author Mazzucca Giancarlo
Publishing Date 2021
Text Italian
Binding Softbound
Size cm.14x21
ISBN 9788893884068
Pages 306
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TINO BRAMBILLA: Mi è sempre piaciuto vincere

This book tells the story of the intense life of a racing man, one of non-stop work. A life on two and four wheels, on the track and in the garage, the same hands that manipulating steering wheels and tools after having tuned connecting rods and pistons. A decades long story that sees our hero, Ernesto Brambilla, aka Tino, be born and living his life at Monza, forever the capital of motor racing. He is the man who has been a faithful ambassador to the sport since he was little more than a lad, challenging footpaths and straw bales throughout Italy, which was in full renaissance. Once he had become an adult, he challenged destiny and rivals in dozens of races, from those in “his” National Autodrome and on to those at which he competed in faraway places, like Buenos Aires,  with triumphs at Hockenheim and in the terrible Tourist Trophy. In this book, his story is told, peppered with previously unpublished photographs, through a “particular” interview, a discussion between people he has always known. The author, Walter Consonni, was born and raised amid the legend of the Brambilla brothers. Like his brother Peo, he was also a student of Tino’s and lived the unique human and sporting dramas from his home courtyard in the centre of Monza. Races, tests, titles, tragedies. MV Augusta and Ferrari, the ascent of his brother Vittorio. His retirement from the track, but not from his exuberances. But there is a lot more in this book, in which a man who partially reached the finish line of the ‘80s, looks back and relives with pleasure and serenity a unique era. One in which racing often walked hand-in-hand with death in the quest to win.
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This book brings to light with courage and richness of details, public and private plots unknown to the public and often hidden with the complicity of mass media: immense properties accumulated abroad and subtracted to the tax office, Chinese boxes and shadow societies, dramas, suspicions and proceedings that marked the Agnelli family.

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