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The roads of the Indias on a Vespa is the title of one of the new chapters that comprise this on-the-road account by Giorgio Caeran, the untiring trav...
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The roads of the Indias on a Vespa is the title of one of the new chapters that comprise this on-the-road account by Giorgio Caeran, the untiring traveller and explorer, protagonist of a series of fascinating journeys embarked upon “with good experience and lively enthusiasm”. A Vespa 200 Rally took the author all the way to India, passing through Kurdistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan and visiting legendary locations like Kathmandu, Calcutta and Bombay. On foot, his rucksack and sleeping bag on his back, Caeran then continued his adventures in darkest Africa, came face to face with the desert and then moved on to Latin America, all the way down to Tierra del Fuego. “Gira mondo libero” is a passionate traveller’s diary, which enables the reader to discover fascinating locations, rich in history and culture.

Products specifications
Binding Softbound
Pages 384
Size cm. 14x21
B/W Pictures 36
Publishing Date 2006
Text Italian
Author Caeran Giorgio
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