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This book analyses the technology of spark ignition two-stroke engines. The presentation is simple and comprehensive. The description of the operating cycle, the fluid dynamics, the lubrication and the cooling systems is followed by painstaking analysis of the mechanical organs, with the materials and the manufacturing processes employed to produce them. The book is completed by an overview of the history and evolution of these engines and by an examination of the principal types and the diverse fields in which they are employed. The second edition of this work, currently the only one of its kind, has been expanded with an in-depth analysis of the ignition and combustion phases and the formation of the air-fuel mixture, with particular attention paid to the most recent injection systems.

Also available the Italian edition MOTORI A DUE TEMPI DI ALTE PRESTAZIONI Nuova edizione

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Author Clarke Massimo
Publishing Date 2021
Text English
Binding Softbound
Pages 190
Size cm. 21x27
ISBN 9788879117609
Colour Pictures 46
B/W Pictures 66
Photos ill. 19 COL & 170 B/N
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The authors have teamed up to produce this comprehensive guide to British performance two-stroke motorcycles. Includes: Ariel, A rmstrong, Barton, BSA, DMW, EMC, Excelsior, Fahron, Fruin, Greeves, QUB, Royal Enfield, Scott, Silk, Villiers and other two-stroke developments.
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This work has been created for those who want to understand the design process that leads to the definition of a motorbike’s cyclistics and provides a number of applicative considerations. There is a difficulty in moving from the understanding of the theoretical phenomena, both dynamic and kinematic, to the definition of the mechanical characteristics of the components that make the motorcycle. This book contains a series of considerations useful in understanding the essence of a motorbike project, which are supported by layouts verified by the author of a number of individual structural problems. The book also provides information with which to enter into the genesis of the project, starting with the classic plain sheet of paper and ending with test methods. A significant part of the book is devoted to understanding the structural analysis of the chassis.
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