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The author talks about Carlo and Marella Caracciolo and reveals the sins, passions and hidden children of a great famous Italian dinasty.
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The author talks about Carlo and Marella Caracciolo and reveals the sins, passions and hidden children of a great famous Italian dinasty.

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Publishing Date 2017
Text Italian
Binding Softbound
Pages 540
Size cm. 15x23
ISBN 9781536940770
Author Moncalvo Gigi
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This book brings to light with courage and richness of details, public and private plots unknown to the public and often hidden with the complicity of mass media: immense properties accumulated abroad and subtracted to the tax office, Chinese boxes and shadow societies, dramas, suspicions and proceedings that marked the Agnelli family.


Sins, passions and hidden truths of the last famous Italian "royal family".


Enzo Lazzarini tells of the early years of the adventure that took his brother Eugenio to a glittering racing career, winning three world titles, eight second places and four Italian championships. A major undertaking that began after Enzo’s career was suddenly halted by a dramatic accident that completely changed his life. An iron will, a tremendous desire to live and an ability to work beyond the imaginable. Qualities that enabled Enzo and Eugenio to open a concessionaire by day that was transformed into a workshop by night, from which emerged the prodigious Lazzarini/Piovaticci 125 single cylinders at first and the surprising Piovaticci twin-cylinder 250 soon afterwards. Financial problems and technical difficulties were faced with a healthy “craziness”, step-by-step, without stopping for a second until they achieved a splendid victory in the 125 cc class of the 1973 Grand Prix of Holland. In the midst of pain, worries, preoccupations, doubts, disappointments and torment there was also joy, the successes and conquests of a man who, today, has become a successful businessman. Demonstrating that with the right will and strength of character nothing is impossible.
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SE QUESTO È CORRERE: Sogni e follie di un pilota mai stato

The desire to become racing drivers, even memorable aces, has always been in the hearts of thousands of enthusiasts. All keen to cross over the dazzling borders beyond which there are podia, cups and laurels. As they have waited, they have always given themselves advance popularity, fame, glory and, perhaps, among the excesses, pathetic certainties and even madness. They are the great vocations that have remained sterile, an unexplored, unknown world because nobody has ever dared to write about an inexistent career, populated by autographs never signed, tracks never raced on, popularity never experienced and champions loved but never met. These are the myriad of emotions, dreams and state of mind that Cesare De Agostini, who has never been a racing driver, tries to transmit to his readers with that unmistakable prose of his.
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