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With slipcase, DVD and number plate.

The story of Aldo Bardelli as a driver is just the pinnacle of a true sports career. Before becoming a pilot, or "CORRIDORE" as we used to say, Aldo Bardelli practiced many disciplines.
He was a soccer goalkeeper in the Pistoia youth team; pushed on the pedal cranks in two amateur tours of Tuscany and stands out to the point of being noticed by Gino Bartali; he raced with motorcycles; he played skating championships and was a back-hockey skater in the Pistoia team.
A youth devoured by sport. And all in a hurry. Then there is "il Corridore". And not just any one. No.
In those years il Corridore is something special, a mixture of admiration, envy, emotions. Il Corridore is at the center of the scene: if a boy finds him dazed in front of him. Petrified. Struck.
The Runner has an aura of mystery when he is not yet called a Pilot. It is a semi-god, a mythical figure capable of kidnapping the hearts of enthusiasts by leaving black markings on the asphalt.
Aldo Bardelli is a CORRIDORE. There is only Alfa Romeo in his racing career, a distinctive design and also a great affection for the famous Arese brand.
Bardelli, as a true car enthusiast, entered the racing world in 1960 running with a Giulietta Sprint Veloce.
The results are immediately good and convince the Pistoia driver to insist, so much so that in 1964 he presented himself at the start with a Giulia Quadrifoglio.
The following year he bought an Alfa TZ1, which he also used in '67 and '68, alternating it with a splendid Alfa TZ2.
In 1969 he switched to the Alfa 33 Sport, to end the 1970 and 1971 seasons with the Alfa 33 Spider Prototype.
In these seven years of racing Aldo Bardelli obtains numerous victories and in 1968 the Italian title of the mountain in the sport category.


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Publishing Date 2019
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