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Il Grande Circo: Storie di Box dalla A alla Z

Il mito della Formula 1 visto da Maglienti, il grande giornalista Sky che ha il dono di raccontare emozionando.
Manufacturer: Giunti
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Whether it's parties on luxury yachts in Monte Carlo or elaborate choreographies drawn in the sky by gravity-defying aircraft, Formula 1 is a world that thrills on and off the track, captivating millions of fans all over the world.

There are the pilots, the real first actors; there is the group of highly qualified engineers and technicians, who set up machinery in the wind tunnels and process data through super computers. And there are personalities of all kinds, be it other sportsmen, super models, movie stars, nobles or, why not ?, criminals on the run, and without all this bunch no pilot could hope to claim a place in the legend that surrounds each Grand Prix.

No one can tell all this better than Biagio Maglienti, who spent most of his professional life in the pit lane.

Products specifications
Author Maglienti Biagio
Publishing Date 2022
Text Italian
Binding Hardbound
Pages 214
Colour Pictures 34
Size cm. 15x22
ISBN 9788809911819

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