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After “The Great Motorcycle Book” and “The Great Tractor Book”, “The Great Earthmover Book” illustrates the evolution of these fascinating constructio...
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After “The Great Motorcycle Book” and “The Great Tractor Book”, “The Great Earthmover Book” illustrates the evolution of these fascinating construction machines through detailed descriptions, in-depth technical specifications and over 1,000 colour photographs. It is a complete and exhaustive guide , which puts under the microscope the most significant models of all time, starting with the first compressor steam rollers and dump bucket excavators right through to modern contemporary machinery and also tells the story of their constructors, among them Caterpillar, John Deere, Hyundai, Komatsu, Liebherr, Volvo and many others.

Products specifications
Binding Hardbound
Pages 336
Size cm. 23x30
Colour Pictures 954
B/W Pictures 18
Publishing Date 2008
Text Italian
Author Dolder Pippke Ursula
Author Dolder Willi
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A beautiful collection of images from the Negri’s photographic archives portraiting the Fiat production of trucks. Included the detailed technical features of the main vehicles.


This book illustrates the history of the truck at a world level from its origins until today with the help of over 1,000 photographs in colour and black and white and technical specifications for each model. A must for truck lovers and in general for vehicle enthusiasts, this work traces the ups and downs that led to the first truck to today’s giants of the road with engines of over 1,000 hp, including racers and show trucks. In this book, readers will also find manufacturers forgotten over time such as Autocar, Brockway, Henschel, Krupp, Kaelble, Pegaso, Robur, Saurer and White as well as Asian and Russian producers, among them Fuso, Hino, Kamaz and ZIl, which are increasingly gaining ground in the international market currently dominated by the Europeans and Americans.
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In a list of the 10 most significant motorcycles in two-wheel history, there is no doubt that the Honda 750 must take one of the top places. But it would also be included if the list were to be whittled down to five models – or and even three. Because when the machine went on sale in 1969, it radically changed the world motorcycle panorama. If two wheeled machines were seen as a mere substitute for the car in previous decades, a spartan vehicle and, with rare exceptions, one of little fascination, a revolution took place with the arrival of the Four.
Now, the motorcycle – this motorcycle – is even preferred to an open sports car in that it is a vehicle of enthusiasts’ dreams due to its extremely modern appearance and high performance: for the first time, a production bike was capable of 200 kph. The technical content was extraordinary, with its 4-cylinder engine, which had previously been reserved for racing, the front disc brake and its five speed gearbox. On top of that, the machine had an electric starter, a feature that alone pushed many a “motorcyclist” into buying it, people who until that day would never have dreamt of giving up their 4-wheel transport the day before the Four came out. Competition was off-guard, so the arrival of the 750 meant the opposition immediately aged at least 10 years. And if that’s not a revolution…
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Biography and career of Nanni Galli, one "gentleman driver" who raced from 1965 to 1973, in the years probably the best but also the hardest in the motoring sport.

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