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JAGUAR XKs: The 1950s Pacesetters from Coventry

The Jaguar XK120 caused a sensation at the 1948 London Motor Show with its stunning appearance and the startling performance on tap from the innovativ...
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The Jaguar XK120 caused a sensation at the 1948 London Motor Show with its stunning appearance and the startling performance on tap from the innovative XK engine. Although the captivating roadster had been intended as a limited volume showcase for the technically advanced powerplant, unprecedented consumer demand forced the company to build it in greater numbers, becoming the most affordable supercar of the time. 
In this highly readable and informative book, award-winning historian John Nikas reveals the inside story of the development of the entire XK series, including the Le Mans winning sports racers and the iconic XK SS. 
Always striving to burnish its burgeoning reputation, Jaguar improved the basic formula to create the XK140 in 1954. With more space, better handling and improved performance, the model cemented the company’s reputation as one of the finest sports car manufacturers in the world. Despite the devastating fire at Brown’s Lane in 1957, Jaguar introduced a new model later that year with revolutionary all-round disc brakes from Dunlop – the perfect complement for a vehicle offering faster acceleration and a higher top speed than ever before. This is the story of all the models from that fascinating era with rare period images and beautiful colour photographs from famed automotive photographer Marc Vorgers.

Products specifications
Publishing Date 2018
Text English
Binding Softbound
Pages 96
B/W Pictures 40
Colour Pictures 60
Size cm. 17x24
ISBN 9781445673462
Author Nikas John
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