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Jean Kerguen has led a generation of cars that have evolved enormously in terms of performance and design, moving from the 1949 Talbot Lago Sedan to the Porsche 904 GTS and competing in many events and in different categories.

This crazy period will end as it began, in the dust of the traces of Morocco. He was obviously a very good driver, fast and tenacious, he always acted very carefully, even if, from time to time, he really had to do violence to himself to get the best possible results.

His merit is to have been an amateur driver, what has been defined as a "gentleman driver", who was able, through his performances, to mix with the professionals and be respected.

Was he a fast driver or a very fast driver? A difficult question to solve, it still had to be powerful enough to guarantee excellent performance at Le Mans, receive the support of the biggest teams and win many races.

One thing is certain: in 22 years it has never destroyed a car and very rarely caused engine failures, due to inappropriate or unsuitable driving.

Products specifications
Author Kerguen Michel
Publishing Date 2020
Text French
Binding Softbound
Pages 88
Photos 120 B/N e COL
Size cm. 21x29
ISBN 9782360591350

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